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Obviously charmander. Who wouldn’t want an awesome dragon? AND SUSH YOU YES IT IS A DRAGON BECAUSE I SAID SO!

oh God I’d never decide. I love Growlithe and Eevee and Vulpix, and Ponyta too! Also Pidgeot. GODDAMN WHO WOULD I CHOOSE.
Eevee, and I’d want an Espeon eventually.

Probably an Aron/Aggron. That big thing is my baby for a thousand years. Cute little iron dino messing around.OR I could say the most uncreative choice and say Lucario. Hes been my other baby since his first premiere. He’d be more fun to be around than an Aron but… SOBs.

Bulbasaur I beat the fucking fire gym with my starter bulbasaur. I love bulbasaur.

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